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50th Reunion Survey

Your Reunion Committee seeks input from classmates as to what you want for the 50th Reunion. We have purposely kept this relatively short, with one last question for "other comments." Please be aware that we are leaving this survey open for other classmates to see; so don't be afraid to answer questions. You may have something to say that others agree with, but might not be the first to say so.

IF you have something you wish to say that you do not want public, private message either Denise Kline Derge or Becky Sikora Rogers. We will file those for the next time we get together.

You must be a member to submit this survey. If you are a member please log in first. You can't submit this form until you've logged in.

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1)   * What time of the year would you prefer for the 50th Reunion?

2)   * How would you help?

3)   * Considering that this may be the last reunion (unless someone takes over), what would you prefer? Up to three options, if we have committee members to manage these.

4)   * Will you consider serving on a 55th Reunion Committee?

5)   What do you want to come back to Fairborn to see? Any other comments can be put here.