Fairborn High School Class of 1971

Saturday, January 14th the 1969-1970 Basketball Team was inducted into the Fairborn High School Athletic Hall of Fame. Here is a picture and there will be more. I hope we have enough for a special album.

Left to Right: Ed McLoud, a woman from Park Hills that none of us knew, Fred Buschemeyer, Jr., Jeff Taylor, Doug Schivley, Kirk Minteer, Skeeter McCoart, Brent Cartwright, Dennis Graham talking to Steve Greene, Daryl Douple, Mike Brown, and two of Jake Brummett's children.

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Thursday, March 16th 12:30 PM at Giovanni's

Thurdsay, April 20th 12:30 PM at Giovanni's

Thursday, May 18th 12:30 PM at Giovanni's

More gatherings may be added. Check in regularly!



These songs are taken from the Billboard Top 100 of 1971. If you see any "missing" videos, or anything else, as I did not listen to all of them, please let me know. If there's a song you think I should add, let me know that too. In the meantime let your mind take you back and enjoy

Music from 1971

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•   Wendy Smith (Harris)  2/3
•   Diana Stoff (Campos)  1/22
•   Tim Garrigan  1/21
•   Dennis Graham  1/13
•   Denise Kline (Derge)  1/1
•   Jack Catlin  12/23
•   Philip Gwynn, Jr.  12/20
•   Mike Quayle  12/17
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•   Jack Flenor (Class Of 1970)  3/5
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•   Becky Sikora (Rogers)  3/9
•   Mark Grooms  3/10
•   Michael VanDyke (FBHS Class Of 1972)  3/10
•   Richard (Rick) Rice  3/12
•   Christine Cole (Hernandez)  3/15
•   Valinda Evans  3/15
•   Evelyn Gallagher (Tecumseh Class Of 1971) (Yaus)  3/15
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