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In Memory

Gary Stidam

 We do not have any information on Gary's death except for what was found in Social Security records.  He passed away on May 12, 1991.  If anyone has any other information, please comment or let us know.

I hope this link goes to Gary's tombstone. Here.

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02/03/17 10:59 AM #5    

Denise Rogers (Larson)

I remember Gary as well.  He was a great guy and always concerned about following the rules and doing the right thing.  I'm sure he is missed by his family and friends.  Such a hardship to lose him.

02/04/17 04:31 AM #6    

David Niebes

I am in shock. 26 years ago! In our transient world, as we move around we lose track of even life & death news by year's of our classmates. Thank you for your service, First Sgt and rest in peace Gary. 

02/04/17 05:55 PM #7    

April Stidam (Tudor (Daughter Of Gary Stidam))

Thank you all so much for the precious words about my dad. It brings so much comfort to my family to hear stories and memories about him that we can share with my sons. I want them to know him. Thank you all so much, this all means so much! 

02/05/17 09:52 AM #8    

Jeff Taylor

Gary and I were in a few classes together. Realy nice guy.

02/05/17 08:51 PM #9    

April Stidam (Tudor (Daughter Of Gary Stidam))

02/05/17 08:51 PM #10    

April Stidam (Tudor (Daughter Of Gary Stidam))

02/05/17 08:52 PM #11    

April Stidam (Tudor (Daughter Of Gary Stidam))

02/05/17 08:54 PM #12    

April Stidam (Tudor (Daughter Of Gary Stidam))

02/05/17 08:55 PM #13    

April Stidam (Tudor (Daughter Of Gary Stidam))

02/05/17 10:08 PM #14    

David Deleranko

Gary and I were in JROTC together. He was the highest ranking member of the cadet corps at the time and would invite me over to his house on the weekends to practice our ‘Patrolling” techniques in the woods near the old five points intersection. He first joined the USMC in high school which angered our military instructor who blamed me for talking him into enlisting. Gary however felt that if he didn’t join the military soon, the war in Vietnam would be over and ‘He would miss the whole thing’. He always admired General Patton and I’m sure he was thinking this when he took the oath to protect and defend the nation. He was my best friend, cohort, mentor and protector in high school and I owe much of my later success in life to his fine example of personal strength, courage and indomitable spirit that commanded the respect he earned in the cadet corps. I’m sure that I speak for many when I say we are all better for having known Gary. May he rest in the 'Honored Peace' he so richly deserves……

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